Quilcene Village Store is ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas and one recipe.

We hope you will do some of your holiday shopping with us. We have almost everything else to make your meal delicious and a little more local and organic. We don’t have turkeys—but let us know if next year you would like to order one from us.

Open on Thanksgiving from 7 to noon for your last minute needs.
For you we have:

  • Serendipity’s cranberry sauce…two types.
  • Pane d’Amore stuffing mix
  • Fresh sprigs of sage and rosemary
  • Sweet potatoes–they are so good baked at 425—no need for the marshmallows to make them sweet and tasty
  • celery –very important for stuffing and Waldorf salad—see my lighter version below
  • Straus Whipping cream–nothing richer
  • Premade refrigerated pie crusts both regular and graham cracker.
  • Canned pumpkin …to make a pie filling
  • Fresh cranberries–making your own is soo easy (buying Serendipity’s is even easier) and MUCH better than canned.
  • And of course a great selection of wines and alcohol.

Mention this email and you will get 10% off of any one of the listed items (limit one bottle of wine or alcohol)

We have changed over towinter hours–so please note the changes.
Monday thru Thursday we are open 7 to 7.
Friday hours 7AM to 8PM
Saturday 8 to 8.
Sunday 8 to 7PM.

Recipe for Cass’s Better Waldorf Salad..
Fresh salad greens–I like a mix.
Pecans toasted for 10 mins at 250—I use my toaster oven and broken up a little
Thinly sliced celery
Right before serving cut an apple into thin bite sized slices
Optional—dried cranberries or pomegranate seeds
Dressing—Seasoned Rice vinegar (available at QVS) and olive olive oil with a grating of lemon rind.

Assemble the lettuce, celery, cranberries or pomegranate seeds. Top with the sliced apples, and pour dressing on the apples, add the toasted pecans and then toss. Pouring the dressing on the apples helps keep them from discoloring. adding nuts last keeps them a little crisper.
Amounts and proportions are up to you. I tend to use a little more oil than vinegar but traditionally most recipes say 3 oil to 1 vinegar. I always cut the oil back from that…but the seasoned rice vinegar is very mild so you can use even less oil.
Happy turkey day to you all!!!


Quilcene Village store Holiday Season is starting

> The stores are getting some of the basics for the holidays–spices, stuffing mix, etc. We have a good selection of baskets which can be filled for lovely gifts–wine, chocolate, hand made cards, tee shirts, lip balms etc. Something to make everyone happy.
> Join old and new friends in decorating the town! Come to the Christmas tree near the post office this Saturday at 8:30 AM and we will have lights to give out so we can light up the town! Come help. The following Saturday we will continue. It is great fun to do and it makes the dark nights a little brighter in Quilcene.
> The official Santa lighting of the Quilcene Christmas tree will take place Saturday Dec. 6th about 5 PM. Santa will arrive, cookies and juice will be served–come join the town for a song to kick of the season!
> Cass

QVS has oysters

We have fresh oysters in pint jars—just what you need for dinner tonight!!! Oyster shooters, oyster stew, oyster pasta,deep fried, gumbo….here are 80 recipes for you. http://allrecipes.com/recipes/ingredients/seafood/shellfish/oysters/

Save the date– community event Sept 14.One Potato, Two Potato, Free Potato!

QVS and DBVS and SeaChange update

Quilcene Village Store is carrying produce from at least Frenetic, Dharma Ridge, Red Dog, Serendipity and Sisco (local) farms, I am so impressed with all the hard working farmers. We are fortunate to get produce grown within miles– on the day it is picked.

For a small sweet treat we have six new flavors of honey sticks—at 25 cents each. And the Kezita probiotic drinks come highly rated.

I also want to put a plug in for Jose’s in Sequim. He expanded his business to include a sit down restaurant–or take out.. We again ate there and it was so good…he has an amazing salsa bar so you can top off you tacos, burritos, etc. exactly as you want. Here is a link to Yelp reviews-


Discovery Bay Village Store has new flavors of ice cream including Bourbon Praline Ribbon, Mint Chip, and Blueberry Cream. They also have new hours—8 to 8 Seven days a week. Their phone number is 385-1380. QVS phone number is 765-0190.

SeaChange will be open at 10 to 8 on Saturdays until the supply increases. Last week they were able to open on Sunday also. The phone number there is 385-1320. And the web site is


Discovery Bay Village Store Opening!

The Discovery Bay store will have a very quiet opening tomorrow Friday June 6.

The ice cream is locally made, artisan quality, created by Olympic Mountain Ice Cream http://olympicmountainicecream.com/index.php. Check out their flavors. We can’t carry them all (just 8 at a time) but we will rotate the types and you might be able to help decide.

Oh, yes, there is more than hand scooped ice cream…the store is smaller than QVS but has an amazing selection of wonderful food—-many you will recognize from QVS. Drip coffee will be QuilBilly blend. There is a good selection of wines, beers and soft drinks, every type of chips( it seems) and some real food. When you stop by be patient, there are many unexpected challenges when opening a new store.

There will be a grand opening latter…maybe 4th of July weekend…with other exciting things happening at that time.

But stop by soon…DBVS will be open 7 days a week—8 to 8 I think. The store looks amazing inside—great work has been done. Let staff know what you want to see carried and we will see if it is possible. And you NEED ice cream cones.

Quilcene Village Store May Update

1. We now give a 10 cent a gallon discount if you buy your gas with cash or a valid check. Does mean you have to go inside so it is only good for when the store is open. Of course the pumps accept credit cards 24/7. (I don’t like that expression, but it is handy)

2. We are opening the new store in Discovery Bay—the Discovery Bay Village Store. (DBVS) It will be part of a complex of stores We think there is going to be some sort of bungee jump (i don’t understand, you have to ask Greg), kayaks for rent, and other things yet to be determined. The tentative opening date is Memorial Day weekend. I will share more details when I have them.

3. Another new business that Greg is starting is Sea Change Cannabis. It will be a retail store in the log cabin next to .DBVS not QVS. It will open once Greg has appropriate supplies, security system, etc. It may still be possible to invest in SCC, Talk to Greg is you are interested. Your chance to be in on the bottom floor of a new industry.

4.For your entertainment: The Village Idiots are playing next Saturday, May 17th at the Coyle Community Center. It is a great venue to hear music and Norm Johnson does a great job in getting outstanding groups to play. Admission is by donation–which goes to the musicians. The Village Idiots are:

Quilcene’s own trio – Guitar & Vocals, Banjo, & Bass.

Greg Brotherton
John Sanders
Franco Bertucci

The Village Idiots play new, old, and re-imagined twang with a drop of the hard stuff.

Hardware Distillery Video

https://vimeo.com/89475324  Here is the video about  The Hardware Distillery Greg made the video (of course) and you can hear him on banjo in the background.

NOW selling Pane d’Amore delectable sandwiches, breads and pastries

The great news is that we now selling Pane d’Amore delectable sandwiches, breads and pastries. We expect the deliveries on Mondays and Fridays before noon. Everyone has raved about everything.

If you want to special order something, please ask any employee to write your order in the LOG BOOK.

Here is a link to the wide range of Pane d’Amore baked goods:

Try the Cowboys… small savory bites perfect for a snack.

We have locally made cards for Valentines— plus great wine and chocolates including local ones if that is your desire. We have a good selection of spirits and thank Jean for giving us this opportunity to continue to serve you. Let an employee know if you want something we don’t carry and we will see if we can get it for you.

We did have to move things and reduce a few things to have room for our spirits… we tried not to discontinue popular things, but if we stopped carrying your favorite thing, please let us know.

We have a new phone line — 765-0190.
Please use this number to call the store.

December news

I can not believe that it is December already. I hope you are readier than I am for the holidays!!!
> One way QVS can help is with Gift Baskets….We have some baskets made up, or you can make your own or we will make up one for you based on your desires and price ranges…in all cases you get 10% off of the basket and everything in it..Start under $30 –perfect for a hostess or neighbor gift…We can do wine and chocolate, snacks, a pasta meal or most anything. If you want us to make it up, please allow one week. Email me or call the store.

> We have some wonderful things for small gifts…travel mugs that don’t leak, unusual magazines, local honey, local dried tomatoes and something for everyone’s taste. We have some great chocolate covered coffee beans in the bulk area—I think they would be cute in one of our white cups…but they also make a great reward for oneself when an item is crossed of the TO DO list.

For your decorating ease, we have the lovely wreaths from Serendipity. Many different styles…but you know the material was freshly and locally cut.

Lots of items are marked down now…we are getting ready to move stock around so we can stock some of Jeans liquor. Maybe as early as Wednesday. Please bear with us as it may be chaotic while things are shifted!

And for fun we are going to have a little gingerbread house contest. Must be made of eatable materials and be less than 12 inches in each direction.

This time we encourage you to stuff the ballot box because everyone can vote often for their favorite house…all it take is a penny..or more…but each penny will be one vote. All the money will be given to the Quilcene food bank. So vote often and lots.

A quick idea for a meal if you still have left over stuffing or mashed potatoes….fill a individual heatproof bowl with either warmed stuffing or mashed potatoes (or rice) make a depression and crack an egg into the depression. Add a spoon of milk/ cream or cheese and then bake at 350 until done to your liking….about 10 minutes. Good for any meal!

> Keep warm..smile and enjoy the village lights.
> Cass

Quilcene Village Store news April 24th 2013

New products:
Locally made felt balls—designed to be used as drier balls—put two in a load and they help fluff the clothes. I can write from personal experience…cats love these balls since they can snag and toss them.

Would also be good for the baby softball pitchers out there since they don’t hurt and won’t break many things. Improving your laundry, pleasing cats and babies…what more could you want for $5?

Fresh, local veggie plant starts: I have planted the lettuce and sugar snap peas and they did wonderfully. Leeks, kale etc. also available. By the way watch what is happening in the field next to the store. Remember we also have a wonderful line of seeds for your veggie garden.

One of our local card makers has added birthday cards to her line…check them out.

Our hours have changed and we are now open until 8 on Friday and Saturday.. will be adding more hours as the sun spends more time in Quilcene.

We have tickets for sale for the Locust Street Taxi concert in Quilcene on April 28th. Be among the first to have their new CD.

Cinco de Mayo Sale—-all Hispanic food will be 10% off on May 5th. Get your chips and locally made salsa and other tasty treats.

We need your help and maybe will help you tidy up around your property. We need to reroof some of the Village Store —in places the roof cannot be seen (but still can leak) soooo we are asking for any extra three tap asphalt roofing that you might have sitting around. Any color, any amount. Just bring it to the store and put on the pallets behind the store on porta potty side. (and try to figure out what is happening in our field).

And finally a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the big red mail box for the Worthington Park purchase. It was a great success and I am so proud that our customers showed such great support for this wonderful project. Over $4,000 will go to the project as a result of your generosity.