Quilcene Village Store is ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas and one recipe.

We hope you will do some of your holiday shopping with us. We have almost everything else to make your meal delicious and a little more local and organic. We don’t have turkeys—but let us know if next year you would like to order one from us.

Open on Thanksgiving from 7 to noon for your last minute needs.
For you we have:

  • Serendipity’s cranberry sauce…two types.
  • Pane d’Amore stuffing mix
  • Fresh sprigs of sage and rosemary
  • Sweet potatoes–they are so good baked at 425—no need for the marshmallows to make them sweet and tasty
  • celery –very important for stuffing and Waldorf salad—see my lighter version below
  • Straus Whipping cream–nothing richer
  • Premade refrigerated pie crusts both regular and graham cracker.
  • Canned pumpkin …to make a pie filling
  • Fresh cranberries–making your own is soo easy (buying Serendipity’s is even easier) and MUCH better than canned.
  • And of course a great selection of wines and alcohol.

Mention this email and you will get 10% off of any one of the listed items (limit one bottle of wine or alcohol)

We have changed over towinter hours–so please note the changes.
Monday thru Thursday we are open 7 to 7.
Friday hours 7AM to 8PM
Saturday 8 to 8.
Sunday 8 to 7PM.

Recipe for Cass’s Better Waldorf Salad..
Fresh salad greens–I like a mix.
Pecans toasted for 10 mins at 250—I use my toaster oven and broken up a little
Thinly sliced celery
Right before serving cut an apple into thin bite sized slices
Optional—dried cranberries or pomegranate seeds
Dressing—Seasoned Rice vinegar (available at QVS) and olive olive oil with a grating of lemon rind.

Assemble the lettuce, celery, cranberries or pomegranate seeds. Top with the sliced apples, and pour dressing on the apples, add the toasted pecans and then toss. Pouring the dressing on the apples helps keep them from discoloring. adding nuts last keeps them a little crisper.
Amounts and proportions are up to you. I tend to use a little more oil than vinegar but traditionally most recipes say 3 oil to 1 vinegar. I always cut the oil back from that…but the seasoned rice vinegar is very mild so you can use even less oil.
Happy turkey day to you all!!!