Quilcene Village Store news April 24th 2013

New products:
Locally made felt balls—designed to be used as drier balls—put two in a load and they help fluff the clothes. I can write from personal experience…cats love these balls since they can snag and toss them.

Would also be good for the baby softball pitchers out there since they don’t hurt and won’t break many things. Improving your laundry, pleasing cats and babies…what more could you want for $5?

Fresh, local veggie plant starts: I have planted the lettuce and sugar snap peas and they did wonderfully. Leeks, kale etc. also available. By the way watch what is happening in the field next to the store. Remember we also have a wonderful line of seeds for your veggie garden.

One of our local card makers has added birthday cards to her line…check them out.

Our hours have changed and we are now open until 8 on Friday and Saturday.. will be adding more hours as the sun spends more time in Quilcene.

We have tickets for sale for the Locust Street Taxi concert in Quilcene on April 28th. Be among the first to have their new CD.

Cinco de Mayo Sale—-all Hispanic food will be 10% off on May 5th. Get your chips and locally made salsa and other tasty treats.

We need your help and maybe will help you tidy up around your property. We need to reroof some of the Village Store —in places the roof cannot be seen (but still can leak) soooo we are asking for any extra three tap asphalt roofing that you might have sitting around. Any color, any amount. Just bring it to the store and put on the pallets behind the store on porta potty side. (and try to figure out what is happening in our field).

And finally a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the big red mail box for the Worthington Park purchase. It was a great success and I am so proud that our customers showed such great support for this wonderful project. Over $4,000 will go to the project as a result of your generosity.