QVS Thanksgiving update.

Hope you are enjoying this brisk but sunny day. Surprising to me at least, we are in holiday time.
> First is Thanksgiving…..you can order your free range, fresh turkey until Monday and pickup starting Tuesday.

We have some beautiful whole pies—apple, berry, pumpkin and cheese cakes. As well as cheese cake slices….which are so tasty and great if you are a small family and don’t want (or trust yourself) with a whole cheese cake.

We have some of Serendipity’s locally made cranberry sauce. And of course a good selection of wine, cider and liquor if you want some sprint for your meal.

FYI Discovery Bay Village Store will be open in the morning on Thanksgiving…not sure yet if QVS will be.–plan ahead.

I just spoke to Chris of Serendipity Farm and we will be getting some of their wonderful wreaths to bring some joy to these cool and darker days…BUT she is selling out quickly so if you want one, get it when you first see it.

We got in a new selection of the baskets we carry—including a number of new styles. They are so handy…I use one for my knitting. But they are great for carrying anything and make a great gift basket for presents or hostess gifts—fill with some chocolate, wine, cheese and crackers, the hand designed dishtowels or what ever suits your recipient.

We have installed an electric car charger…so you can buy that electric car you have been looking at!! Or tell your traveling electric car owning traveling friends. It is located next to the door on the side with the ice machine.

And for today’s non recipe…..I will share what we have been having most Sundays for breakfast.

Clean the refrig breakfast Scramble

Recently I have been starting with a new potato for each of us. The trick i have found useful is to put them in the microwave for a minute per potato…gets them mostly cooked but still firm.

While the potatoes cook, I brown whatever is available—onions, celery, mushrooms, red peppers etc in a little olive oil. When potatoes are done, I take them out, dice and toss into pan. Can add some herbs now also….oregano is good. After the potatoes have browned as much as I want, I crack one or two eggs per person over the stuff in the pan and stir until it is all well mixed and cooked. You can add some cheese if you want.

One night I had a little sausage and browned it with the onions in the first step and it made a tasty and very quick dinner. I think the potatoes are great with Annie’s Organic Ketchup–(available at QVS of course)

Enjoy your day and life…