Quilcene Village Store Gas news

We learned today that we can not get any premium gas without ethanol until about the END OF JUNE. We are so sorry to inconvenience anyone. We will carry premium gas with ethanol in the pump that used to be premium without ethanol. I will notify you when we get the ethanol free premium back. (

As a sad heads up, we have been told that they may be phasing all ethanol free gas out since it is sold in so few places. We will continue to get it as long as it seems a reasonable price.) We will still have ethanol free regular gas for now.

> We have locally grown tomato and other plant starts for your garden thanks to Serendipity, as well as two suppliers of organic GMO free seeds.

> Local greens should be coming soon.

> We have a new supplier for sweet and savory grab and go meals. Eight Arms Bakery in Olympia makes wonderful stuff!!! The hand pies are really good. Two I have tried are black bean or broccoli and cheese. There are also muffin pies both savory and sweet. We have some of their other baked goods. You will find their items in the grab and go case. We can order anything they make if you let staff know what you want. Here is a link http://8armsbakery.com/#about.
> And if you haven’t tried the ice cream at Discovery Bay Village Store….it is time since the weather is warming up.
> Enjoy the great weather and eat locally.
> Cass