Date Change: wine and chocolate tasting–plus salad dressings Wed. 2/6/13 at 5:30 PM

We have had to change to wine tasting date—but it will be totally worth it. The wine tasting will be at 5:30 PM on Wednesday Feb.6th….Five samples for $5 and $2.50 off each of your first two purchased bottles of Wind Rose wine. I am sure you remember that one of the wines is the Library ReAd—a fund raiser for our library system. There were only 25 cases made and you really want to have a bottle. David Volmut of Wind Rose Cellars will be doing the pouring of these, his own locally made wines. And to sweeten the deal (he he), Jim from Chocolate Serenade will be giving samples of his wonderful chocolates…and I think he is going to have some heart shaped candies for sale. And if wine or chocolates are not your thing, Chris Llewellyn will be sampling the Serendipity Farms salad dressings. I am sure one of these (if not all three)is just what your Valentine wants!

Greg is making short films about some of our local suppliers and the one about Chocolate Serenade is ready —so watch this 6 minute video about the creation of this locally made chocolate created by one of Quilcene film makers. Just click on this link: And come and taste the wonderful chocolates on February 6th

Recipe for super easy Carrot Salad filled with winter veggies (recipe from the Food Coop in PT)

5 carrot
1 parsnip
1/4 to 1/2 cup raisins
1/8 c agave syrup or honey
1/8 apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
handful toasted almond slices (addition by Cass)

Peel, if needed, then grate carrots and parsnip, add other ingredients, toss and chill. Proportions are not important. Keeps for several days in refrigerator if you make enough to last. I plumped my raisins in hot water and drained them before adding—but my raisins were not the freshest. Easy, keeps well, looks pretty on the plate, and gets more root veggies into your diet. You get 10% off of the purchase price of any or all the ingredients when purchased at the Quilcene Village Store.