July 2012 News and Featured Recipe


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Quilbilly Roast Coffee Blend Winner

Thank you to all who came to vote for their favorite custom bean blend!

The winner is… drum roll… Quilbilly 1.

But it was very close so we are thinking about how to make everyone happy.

I will keep you posted on when we will start carrying Quilbilly Roast(s) .

Check out the article in the paper about it!

And, don’t miss Greg’s Video!

Fresh Fruit

Peaches, apricots and cherries oh my and blueberries too. We have some great fruit. The peaches are as good as any I have ever had. No recipes needed for these—just grab and enjoy!

Featured Recipe

A dish which is great for Summer is Israeli couscous. It has become one of the Brothertons’ favorites. It is in our bulk section and is little round pasta….so it is easy to cook. You can use it like any pasta but I have included one recipe below for your consideration.

Tasty Couscous
1 cup Israeli couscous
1-2 T olive oil
1 small jar marinated artichoke hearts (I cut them in half )
1/2 cup dry packaged sun dried tomatoes
1/2 Cup sliced Kalamati olives
1 sprig of fresh oregano
1 sprig of sage

Lightly sauté the couscous in oil (can skip this if you want), then add two cups of water and boil about 10 minutes.

Then drain any water, add chopped olives, tomatoes, finely diced herbs (as much as is right for you) and toss in the artichoke hearts and their juice.

Great served hot or cold. And everything can be purchased at Quilcene Village Store!

Have a great week! — Cass Brotherton